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Company Formerly Known as Cavedog Entertainment
Changes Name to Frozen Yak Entertainment

Existing Product Franchises Renamed

SEATTLE – April 1, 1999 – The company formerly known as Cavedog Entertainment today announced that it is changing its name to Frozen Yak Entertainment. Due to a "legal snafu" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the company has been ordered to immediately rescind use of all Cavedog Entertainment trademarks, including the company name, logo and Internet domain name as they relate to the interactive entertainment business.

In addition, the company is required to immediately alter the names of all trademarked product franchises. This also entails the removal of all existing software product currently using names held by Cavedog Entertainment from store shelves worldwide. Frozen Yak Entertainment will reissue these titles once trademarks are secured for the new submissions.

"The trademark office decision has come as quite a surprise. This is certainly something you cannot plan for when developing a business plan for a new start-up company," said Ron Gilbert, co-founder and creative director of the newly formed Frozen Yak Entertainment. "However, I think we’ve made the best of it as far as our new name is concerned. As many people are aware, Frozen Yak was a name we considered for our company way back in 1995."

Frozen Yak Entertainment has submitted the following product names as replacements for those titles currently held under the Cavedog Entertainment name. These titles are subject to section 110A approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are thus not final.

  • Total Annihilation™ will become Really Cool Wargame
  • Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency™ will become Really Big Expansion
  • Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics™ will become Really Obsolete
  • Total Annihilation: Commander Pack™ will become Really Big Compilation Pack of the Really Cool Wargame with a Strategy Guide
  • Total Annihilation: Kingdoms™ will become Really Cool Wargame with Trolls
  • Amen: The Awakening™; will become The Rapture: Hallelujah Episode I
  • Good & Evil ™ will become Noir et Blanc!
  • Boneyards™ will become The Yak Pen

Please visit Frozen Yak Entertainment on the Internet at to provide feedback and comments.

Frozen Yak Entertainment

Frozen Yak Entertainment, based in the Seattle area, was created in 1999 by Ron Gilbert, Shelley Day and a team of the game industry’s best designers, programmers and artists to explore interactive gaming and create new standards of fun. Frozen Yak Entertainment can be found on the Internet at


Really Cool Wargame, Really Big Expansion, Really Obsolete, Really Big Compilation Pack of the Really Cool Wargame with a Strategy Guide, Really Cool Wargame with Trolls, The Rapture: Hallelujah Episode I, Noir et Blanc! and The Yak Pen are awaiting trademark approval for Frozen Yak Entertainment. Other brand names and products may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.