St. Patrick's Day, 2032

Patrons at O'Kelly's Pub in Packanack Lake, NJ, crowd the bar and tables, downing buckets of Guinness Stout and singing songs about the old country. There is no warning for what is about to happen.

Suddenly, before anyone has time to prepare or react, the beer kegs run dry. In the ensuing chaos, planes crash, cities burn and millions die.

OK, maybe not millions.

OK, no one dies. But Tommy Kelly wallops his cousin Pat Fitzgerald for trying to put a move on his sister Angie.

Pat gets a big shiner.

No planes crash, either.

Enter O'Kelly's best-kept secret, Danny Flynn, an incredibly dedicated bartender whose work last season at second base on the Pub's softball team was legendary. When the kegs run dry, Paddy O'Kelly himself asks Flynn to go back into the storeroom.

Thus begins the most dangerous assignment of Flynn's life, as he must make his way under the bar, through the crowd, past the Pop-A-Shot basketball game and into the back storeroom ... and yet the keg of Guinness Stout remains elusive until the very end.