Frozen Yak Entertainment is an innovator in the realm of interactive gaming, committed to pushing the limits of entertainment, technology and immersive experiences. The company made its debut with the release of Really Cool Wargame, which has since earned more than 50 coveted industry awards of excellence and was named "The Best Damn Feudin' Hillybillys Real-Time Strategy Game of All Time" by Field and Stream Magazine.

Company Background

Frozen Yak Entertainment was created to explore interactive gaming and to create new standards of fun. Really Cool Wargame hit the stores in September of 1997, and the international award-winning real-time strategy game innovated the genre in a number of areas, including the use of hillbillys, moonshine, and inbreeding multiplayer capabilities. In April of 1998, Frozen Yak Entertainment released the highly-anticipated expansion pack, Really Big Expansion, and followed up in July with Really Obsolete. Like the original classic, these two expansion packs once again raise the bar for the real-time strategy genre. In the coming years, Frozen Yak Entertainment will continue its commitment to developing games that not only push the limits of technology, but also provide entertaining and immersive experiences.